Grader passed, but no green checkmark

DLS Course 2 (Improving Deep NNs), Week 1, Assignment: Regularization

I passed all the tests and the grader gave me 100/100 in the 'My Submissions" tab 2 days ago (below the assignment title they also said I passed with a green checkmark), but I didn’t get the green checkmark on the left bar, nor did I find it on the main Grades page for the course, so I didn’t get to complete the course yet.

I’ve tried resubmitting it, refreshing the page, and checking the code, but I still couldn’t find anything related to this issue.

I asked a Coursera staff for help through chat, but this is what he said:
“Unfortunately, I cannot handle these Graded Programming assignments as only the Course Staff can grade them. If you need help getting a grade for your assignment, please contact the staff by going here:

I’d be glad if a course staff / mentor can manually grade me or help me point out the issue (in case I missed something important!) Thanks.

UPDATE: I found others who resolved the same issue (here) so I went back to the coursera chat and they sent a ticket to a “higher department” in charge of these issues, fingers crossed they will be able to solve the problem soon.

Yes, this is a Coursera Platform bug. They have supposedly been working on it for > 1 month at this point. The only solution is for the Coursera Help folks to update your status, but you first need to prove to them what the problem is. And (apparently) get one of the chat center people who has dealt with this case before. :nerd_face:

Here’s a previous thread about this.