Weight Initialization Assignment in Week 1 Submission Problem

Although it says I passed it, it’s not marked as complete on the left bar

Not sure what to do…

This is a Coursera problem. Supposedly they have a solution in the works, but in the meantime you have to contact the Help Center and they can fix this for you. Here are the instructions from the course staff:

Ask them to contact Coursera Chat and to be specific with the agent in explaining their issue. It will help greatly if they would share a screenshot with the agent as a proof that they, in fact, did get a passing grade, asking the agent to manually update the assignment completion.

That has indeed worked. Thanks.

Hello EssamW, just wanted to ask how long it took your problem took to get solved. I have a similar problem to what you had and it has been 2 weeks with no solution to the problem.

When I used the online chat to communicate with an agent to ask them to manually update the assignment completion it was solved right away.

I face the same issue. No solution yet through emails. Also, I am not getting the online chat option even tough I have the subscription for the Specialization. Any help here @paulinpaloalto

No, sorry, I don’t have any special insight into how to deal with Coursera. Whether you get the “chat” option may depend on how busy they are at the time you try. I can only suggest trying again.