Here Comes a Former IT Clerk - Nice to meet you?

Hi. I’m Sonny, nice to meet you.
I used to work for an autism center as an IT clerk, working five-years part time and one year full-time. I ended up being terminated due to anger issues, and the Covid-19 pandemic made it difficult to find another job. I’m not a bad guy. I’m just easily stressed out sometimes. It’s been four years since my termination and I’m still seeking employment. That is why I took a course on Coursera about AI, and thus why I have signed up to this forum because said course recommended that I do that. I’m only dipping my toes here, so please don’t push me into anything until I’m ready.
If I’m coming off having a bad attitude, I apologize.

Welcome to the community!

Hi, TMosh.
Listen, I went off the wrong foot with this topic. I sounded bitter and unenthusiastic, so I’d like to start over.
Hi, I’m Sonny. How’s everyone here? Doing good? Good!
I originally went to college and earned a BA in Computer Science so that I could learn how to make video games. But I had to learn a lot about programming but I did not concentrate very well on it (I got C’s on all my game development classes). I went into IT work at the autism center I worked at since it was easier work and I learned about what it’s like being in a work environment. Recently, my sister suggested that once I pick a programming language and fully learn it, I can use an AI to make a video game for me and I can test the result that the AI creates. This is why I’m taking this course to learn about what AI is and how it works. Anyway, I hope my presence in this board is tolerable to everyone here and I want to thank you all for having me here as a member. Don’t expect me to be helpful since I know NOTHING about AI at this point, but I’m just getting started.

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For getting started, you are in exactly the right place.

Hi @AngrySun86

I only wanted to respond to you because of your first post created message

So I recommend you to check the FAQ section on the left hand side section, and go through Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy, so you are well prepared and prevent any issues from your side. As long as learning and growing is from a humble point of view, you wouldn’t have any issue as most of the mentors are really helpful.

Also as you are starting AI journey there are chances of giving up when not able to get the desired results or not passing an assignment, or getting resolution to your error, debugging can be sometime overwhelming, I would recommend in those times, to take break for few hours to a day and then start from scratch to address your issue.

Now comes to your goal of creating a video game, as Tom mentions you are at the right place, I am sharing a link which would be of your interest and many other posts are there in the discourse community which you can find by using the search tool.

Welcome to the community, I wish you a growing learning journey with patience and understanding.