History = model.fit([X, a0, c0], list(Y), epochs=100)

An error is coming up in this line of code. Please tell the right line of code

The code you quote is TF code, but you filed this under DLS Course 1. There is no use of TF in DLS Course 1.

Please move this to the correct category (by using the little “edit pencil” on the title) and also note that we’re not supposed to just give you the solution to the programming assignments: it is your job to figure that out. Also as a general principle, it’s a lot more likely to generate a useful answer if you actually show us the error traceback that you are seeing rather than saying “I’m getting an error”. :nerd_face:

Thanks for your email. I wish I should have gotten this response earlier. I have lost 2 weeks again. Can I request the support team to extend my target date for 2 more weeks so that I can complete this assignment and complete the course?
Please support and extend the deadline.
Thanks in advance for your support. I will let you know if I have any questions.
Krishay Bharwaj

The deadlines here automatically adjust with no penalties if you miss them. So you don’t need to do anything: just keep working at whatever pace makes sense for you. What do you mean you wish you had gotten this earlier? I responded within a few hours of your original question.

Also note that if what you are really saying is to do with Financial Aid or anything like that, only the Coursera Help Desk can assist with that. There are instructions about how to contact them on the DLS FAQ Thread.