How can AI be utilised as a leverage for entrepreneurial ventures?


An entrepreneurial venture is nothing but a new business. For a long time, people believed that luck drives the business. In the present times, AI can help entrepreneurs make their businesses lucky.
How AI may help, I can think of three easy domains,

  • Selecting problems to solve ( Current or in-demand / Futuristic / Recurrent).
  • Best decisions in multiple business scenarios.
  • Automating some part of the business from the start.

Selecting problems to solve
Money determines how healthy a business is, right? How do businesses make money? By providing some service to customers who want it. Essentially, like a business solving the problems of its customers.
Selecting problems to solve that will be optimally profitable given the resources is the ultimate target of the business.
Employing AI to help find the best problems is one of the ways to use data.

Generally, a lot of ideas surround the business. Analyzing ideas to maximize profit requires in-depth knowledge and a lot of calculations. AI can help filter ideas and present only the best ideas like an experienced business person.

The true power of AI is Automation. Let the machine do what it does best, record and repeat.


Agreed thanks looking forward to finding partners with a vision to build new businesses with AI technology to transform our world.