How should I save the finished assignment copy?

I finished the assignment for the week 1 yesterday but don’t see the assignment with my code anymore today. Are those finished assignments regularly erased from the course site (I did use “Save a copy in Drive” and wrote/tested the code on the copied file)?

Fortunately, I did download a copy “C2W1_Assignment.ipynb” to my local PC yesterday so technically I still have the code written for the week 1 assignment.

Hello @Yixin_Chen ,

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You are not supposed to edit the actual file which is linked in the reading.
1.At first you need to save a copy of the assignment in drive.
2.Then you are supposed to modify/write the code in the copy of assignment. i.e. “Copy of C2W1_Assignment.ipynb”
3.Then submit it.

It’s also written in the instruction of the reading :

This notebook is hosted on Github so in order to save any changes you need to create a copy of it within your Drive. You can do so by clicking the File tab and then the Save a copy in drive option.

Hope this helps.

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