How to become an All-Knowing AI and ML expert?

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Let’s start with a small discussion about the above statement. I have been completely invested in AI for the past 2 years, and still, till date, I haven’t come across any person who is an all-knowing expert in AI and ML. I am not sure what “PMP” and “Scrum” exactly refers to, but I guess, it would be true in those disciplines as well. But if not, then allow me to tell you that AI is a highly dynamic field, and at present, even more so, and thus, it’s not possible for any single person to know everything about AI and ML. That being said, let me mention some great threads which you can find in this community, here for your reference.

In this thread, check out C.2 and C.3. There, you can find some threads, using which, you can devise your own road-map.

Now, in your thread, I can find an expression, “exact road-map”. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. The road-maps need to be developed by the learners themselves, since every person learns in a different way. Some learn via reading books, some learn via courses, some learn via blogs, some learn via Youtube, etc. So, any of us can only suggest the resources, the road-map is for you to create for yourself using those resources.

My personal recommendation for you would be to check out the Machine Learning Specialization, offered by DeepLearning.AI. I see it as the perfect hot-spot for beginners in AI, since it exposes a learner to the various sub-fields in AI. Once you have completed the MLS, it would be much easier for you to figure out the next steps in your AI journey.

Also, allow me to add some other threads, posted by learners along these lines:

Lastly, allow me to tag some other mentors as well, who have professional experience in AI, and perhaps, would like to add something to this. Hey @paulinpaloalto Sir, @reinoudbosch, @rmwkwok, @arosacastillo and @Juan_Olano, can you please share your advice to @Salah_hamidi. Thanks in advance.