How to cancel course 3

I wrongly registered course 3 by mistake. I just havn’t completed the first course. How can i cancel this registration? thank you.

Do you find such an option under the “three little dots” in the upper right corner of that course box?

If not, it doesn’t really matter. The deadlines are meaningless in the sense that there is no penalty for missing them. You can just let Course 3 sit there until you get around to it. They may send you messages about being behind schedule, but you can just ignore them.

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yes, i found these “three little dots”, but there is no “cancel” option.
anyway i will let it go as your suggestion, thank you!

Interesting. I checked it on one of my courses and here’s what I see:

Oh, well. The “just ignore all the messages about the course” approach should work fine.

Actually, I checked on that specific course and I see the same thing that you got. So apparently it is course dependent.

Yeah, Indeed, It is course dependent. thank you so much.