Unable to unenroll in a course?


I’ve accidentally enrolled in a course out-of order, so I’d like to un-enroll in one course and enroll into another.
It doesn’t seem there’s an option?

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What course are you attending to?

It is a specialization or an individual course?

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Thanks for your response, I am currently doing Deep Learning Specialization. I accidentally enrolled in Course 5 Sequence Models but really should have enrolled in Course 4 Convolutional Neural Networks

As far as a know there is no feature that can do that “unenroll” the course at the Coursera platform.

But don’t worry you can reset your assigments deadline anytime you want.

I hope this help

This might help Coursera Help page

Thank you @aryan010204 i didn’t know that feature.

Always happy to help

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Just to make sure: is there any penalty for not meeting the course deadline?

Nope for most of the cases there isn’t .

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Deadlines just a suggestive prediction when the course should be completed.

Hello Leo,

You will have unroll option if your subscrition for that selected course has passed the due date of completion, otherwise, you need to contact (if paid course)
Learner Help Centre = Payments & subscriptions ===Subscription ====cancel subscription in order to prevent any automatic payment deduction

If took course via financial aid, then wait until due date and then use the unrolled option from the 3 dots where currently it is showing you only rate and share.


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