Is there a way to postpone the due dates of the courses if I enrolled in them in wrong order?

Hello everyone, I wanted to enroll in the course series and get my specialization on Coursera a few days ago. However, I have just noticed that I enrolled in the last course of the series as my first course. Once I noticed my mistake, I enrolled in the whole series and started to watch the first course’s videos. I have completed my first course now. Before I jump into the second course, I wanted to check if the deadlines of the assignments were the same as when I first registered to the third course. Sadly, in the system, I am still expected to submit the first assignments of the last course in a couple of days. However, I want to digest the topics in the second course well and take my time before getting into the third course. Is there any way to postpone those due dates? And, if I fail to submit them in this limited time, will I be able to re-enroll in the third course again and receive my certificate?

No need to worry, when you come back to the course even if the deadlines have expired and of course given you still have a subscription you can reset them!

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Hello, @AhmetKrc,

Please also check out this help article, especially the last section on how to reset course deadlines.