How to download notebooks?

I am trying to download notebooks as ipynb. After clicking blank new tab is opened. It worked for L2 but not for the rest of the modules. Please help.
P.S: I tried right click and it failed to download the correct ipynb format

Please explain:

Does this help?

I followed the same steps and was able to download the notebook for this lecture.

Hi @Sudheer_Ranjan

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You can try this too

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It didn’t work for me. But I figured a way out.

  1. In the jupyter instance File → Open
  2. After a new tab with jupyter instance is opened, check the box next to the file you want to download and select “Edit” button in the top. A new tab will be opened with the file contents.
  3. Copy the contents here to a file as filename.ipynb

I think there is an problem when saving ipynb file. If you want download the orignial code (without running outputs), you can download after shutdowning ipynb file.