How to install the Readlines package used in Transforming section

There is this line in the Transforming section:
from redlines import Redlines
How do I install this package for personal use? I do not seem to find it on pip.

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Hi Ahmed,

I had the same problem and I found out that within the Jupyter notebook you can do:
!pip install redlines

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Hello @Ahmed_Abdellah ,

Welcome to the community!!

It is there in pip. I can use it on Google colab. Installed using pip only.

With regards,
Nilosree Sengupta

@Ahmed_Abdellah and @MarcelM Two thoughts from me on this. First, if you have built an environment using something other than pip, use that other thing, like Anaconda or conda etc to install additional packages. Makes it easier to keep all the packages playing nice with each other that way. When there are multiple package managers in use, they can sometimes disagree over versions and dependencies. Second, if I recall correctly you’ll need to do this step again in the chatbot exercise for the iterative/interactive component(s)


Yes, you are right. I agree that multiple package managers not play nice together.
But I didn’t find the package in the pages.

If you didn’t yet installed it, try again with pip, that worked for me.

Yes, this worked for me too without issue.