How to recover the assignment files for Collaborative filtering assignment?

The assignment was deleted and I am unable to recover the file. I tried refreshing the page, but it seems the jupyter file has been saved as empty file now. Can someone help me on this


Do you see this on the page?

Click Help and then, Get latest version

Hi Sam… I did tried getting the latest version file.
Its still same

Hi, in the Deep Learning Specialization (Course 1 Week 2) they explain how to do it, hope this helps (didn’t personally try it):

@Lucky_Agrawal, please try the steps shared by @Axelibnida. One key step is before you click “Get latest version”, make sure no file uses the name “C3_W2_Collaborative_RecSys_Assignment.ipynb”. If the empty file you mentioned is using that name, rename it to something else.

Then, after you click “Gate latest version” and “Update lab”, if the system detects no file is using that name, it will give you a new, latest version of the assignment file.


Thank you, I followed the steps to retrieve the file.
Thanks lot