How to run HuggingFace Ungraded Labs?

Coursera only indicates:

In this lab you will create a Question & Answering model with HuggingFace pipelines.

Please, go to the colab notebook and create a copy of it in your own google account.

But only the following appears:

How do I run it once I’ve clicked through the link?

Click at the top “Open with” and, select “Google Colaboratory”. If it doesn’t show up as an option, then select “Connect more apps”, search for “Colaboratory” (a Google-created “Jupyter notebook environment that runs in the browser using Google Cloud”) and install it.

It should now look like this:

Open it with the “Open with Google Colaboratory” button at the top.

In order to work with it and save change, once you have opened it in Colaboratory, make sure you click on “Copy to Drive” button close to the top of the Colaboratory interface:

Similar instructions can be found in the ungraded lab “C4_W3_Assignment_Ungraded_BERT_Loss” surprisingly after this week’s assignment, but it seems a bit late given that the HuggingFace labs come much earlier.

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