Course 1 Week 2 Graded Assignement


is it possible to replicate this exercise in a colab notebook? I would be missing the lr_utils and particularly the dataset access?

Thanks for considering

There’s a way to download all the files associated with the assignment. Here’s a recent thread from mentor Saif about how to run the notebooks on Colab. One thing to be aware of, though, is that once you run a course notebook on Colab, it’s not a good idea to upload that Colab version to the course website again. Colab messes with the internal hidden “metadata” of the notebooks, so that they won’t work with the Coursera graders anymore. But it’s fine to treat it as a one way trip. You can manually “copy/paste” back code if you discover something new while working on Colab.

thanks so much! I want to stay on Coursera for what’s related to coursera but at the same time would like to play with what I learnt and capitalize on my colab envt as well!

thanks again

Saif’s method should be perfect for your scenario then. If you’re already a Colab user, then the business about how to reconfigure the pathnames to map to your Google Drive is already familiar to you. That’s the part that might be a little intimidating to someone who’s never used Colab before.

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