How to take notes of Machine Learning Courses

can you tell me how i can take notes of a machine learning course? Suggest me some yt videos as well

Pencil and paper works well for me. I think writing reinforces the memory.

There are video lectures in each week of the course.

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You mean take notes right into the course platform?

Actually, i am starting my machine learning journey through the machine learning specialization. While attending the first course, i found that the notes i was making on pen paper were not helping me revise and understand. Therefore, i just wanted to know how different people have tackled the same problem. If i need to change the way of how i take notes, what way should i adopt? How should i make notes effectively so that i am able to retain what i learn through the course? Also, i would be grateful if there are any additional resources outside the specialization that might aid my journey. Thanks

Oh. OK.

I got it.

I use a Cornell notes system. It really helps me in my learning.

Take a look at it and let me know what you think:

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