Mathematics Note Making

Greetings to all who are reading this message,
I am delighted to share that I shall commence my freshman year at college this academic session. My chosen field of study is the Computer Science Engineering Program. I’m contemplating whether taking notes during mathematics or, for that matter cs classes would be beneficial.

Congratulations! @aryan010204
In which sense do you mean making notes? For example, attending discrete maths class and taking notes?

Thank you @Nydia Right now before the uni classes begin I am taking a few courses and books.
I have mathematics as a major part of my degree so just want to start on the right foot .

Hello @aryan010204,

I think taking notes or not depends on your learning style and how you are going to use your notes. For me, sometimes, I took notes during my own study, but I made one version of notes each time I re-go over the same chapter. So, note-taking is for me to organize stuff. Sometimes, I took notes in class because the Professors would only put the important stuff on blackboards, or when I suddenly came up with something interesting (meaning I was not paying attention to the class). Above are some of my reasons but I believe you need yours. I think you need to find your reasons.

I am not sure about your country’s education system, but to me, the biggest change from high school to university was that, in high school, you were guided through step-by-step by teacher down to the amount of exercise needed. In university, you were almost self-guided. The lessons didn’t guarantee you a good grade nor success, but all those extra efforts in your free time - reading, thinking, practicing, discussing, and many more. “Be your own teacher today and rely on yourself” is one thing I would tell myself if I could travel back in time.



Btw, @aryan010204, although we can’t just become our own teacher overnight, we can keep that in mind and keep progressing towards that in our learning journey. I mean, in every learning activity, try to think about what we can do to make some small difference.


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