Howto: Download notebooks when "error" or blank

I found out how to download all notebooks. Do Kernel | Shutdown | (say NO if it asks if you want to restart kernel) | Download | HTML

The kernel shutdown sequence resolved all problems for me.

It used to be that the first couple of notebooks would download fine, then no more. What seems to be happening as I discovered today is that something is exceeding a quota or limit on your user account after you download a few notebooks.

The solution is to turn off the kernel before download on every notebook.


Hello @geoffreya ,

Thanks for letting us know the issue.
We just had a new update for our Jupyter labs.
Could you try normal download button and check if it works now.

With regards,
Nilosree Sengupta

Most of times it does not work. But not only for this course, it is most of times not possible to download the notebook in most of the short-courses.

Hello @Adam_Hjerpe ,

Thanks for the feedback!

With regards,
Nilosree Sengupta

Thanks for the tip, but when I shut down my kernel the notebook still does not download. No file formats download for me, with or without an active kernel. Every time I try to download, it opens a new blank webpage and that is all.

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Iā€™m also having this issue. I was able to download a few notebooks but am no longer able to do so with any notebook.
Any suggestion is appreciated -thanks!