I have finished the course. But I cannot review my labs anymore?

I have paid for the course, finished it, got certificate. When I want to review my labs. It shows me the lock symbol.

Is this correct?

Hey @Surasin_Tancharoen,
In order to open the labs, both graded and un-graded, you must have an active subscription. For more information, regarding the same, check out item 06 of this thread.

For future references, please download your labs so that you can check them out even after your subscription expires. I hope this helps.


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I cannot subscriptions the finished courses.

If I subscribe any other courses (not these courses), can I view these labs then?

Hey @Surasin_Tancharoen,
I am a little unsure about that. Please ask this in the Coursera Help Centre, and they will be able to help you better regarding this.


@Surasin_Tancharoen ,

If you subscribe to any other course you will not have access to your previous labs.

Also, if you finished your entire specialization, you cannot re-subscribe to it. This was true up until a couple weeks ago. I would say it is still true.

My only suggestion is: contact Coursera and ask them to kindly re-open the labs for you for a few days, so that you have a chance to download them. They may or may not grant this request. But that’s probably your only chance to access your labs.