Immediately thrown into Python?


I signed up for this course with mathematical intentions. The first time I saw a lab—I panicked. I had only used Jupyter a handful of times and my understanding of Python is limited at best.

I understood the processes of step by step operations, though it took a lot of supplemental reading. I’m struggling with more foundational items like when to use return and definitions.

Is there a place or a library of these sorts of things in these course resources or am I on my own? The first graded lab took me like 3 days…

Any help will do, even if it’s, “uh-oh, dude.”


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@Noah_Morgenstein I can understand your situation. The course does assume basic understanding of Python. If you really find it too tough even with supplementary reading. I would suggest to stop the course and focus on bringing Python up to a comfortable level and then visit the course again. Of course, if you are in for the challenge, you can try to close your Python gap and at the same time tackling the course.

This is just my humble opinion only. Thanks

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If I stop this course, will I have to start from the beginning again? Also, do you have any course recommendations?

Thank you!

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If I remember correctly, when you resume a stopped course, the result and grade that you get previously will not be change. As for course in Python, depending on what type of learner you are, if you are those who like to watch videos, there are many Python instructional videos on YouTube for different topics. If you learn best by reading, the Python official website have tutorials that will help you a lot. For Python topics, you can go through stuff such as data types, function modules, how to import library etc without going into web development stuff, developing GUI interface etc. I believe if you are comfortable with the above, you should be able to tackle the assignment.

But do take note, Python is just a programming tool. One will still need to know the mathematical stuff in the course in order to implement it successfully. Don’t give up on first attempt. I had heard of folks going through the videos a second time in order to complete the assignment. Hope this help a little.


I sympathize with your situation. The “Math for Machine Learning” course is particularly rough going for a novice programmer. It doesn’t provide the depth of tutorial materials that many of the other courses do.

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Thank you! I thought there would be more help (I took this for the math) but it looks like I’ll have to trudge through.

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Much appreciated. I was taking it to understand the math and thought that the program would be introduced later. On me for not doing enough research.

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Sometimes the course prerequisites are not all that obvious.


I’d suggest you take this quick course on Python (its short and sweet)

For me, theres no escaping Python especially in the context of ML/AI. I do understand your dilemma though. I am still very junior with Python, but I think of it as a more complex calculator that can help me crunch larger numbers :slight_smile:


I believe if one had experience on any programming language before like Java, C++, Go etc, he or she can get up to speed with Python quite easily. I myself only learn C++ and Java before picking up Python when in AI/ ML @Noah_Morgenstein I believe you can do it even picking up Python cold from the start. :+1:


Awesome, I appreciate the link.

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Anyone learning a new language nowadays should start with ChatGPT. Ask it what you are struggling with and it will guide you without having to “Google” anything.

Start with this prompt - “I need to learn Python - where do I start?”

Then when it is done with suggestions prompt it with this - “Great, lets build a simple application.” It will walk you step-by-step on what to do.


I recommend not using a chat bot for programming advice.