Import Utils package missing

For the L7_student.ipynb, there is reference to importing utils, which has function like: utils.find_category_and_product_only(). Could you elaborate where we could get this package?

import utils
import panel as pn # GUI

Maybe try opening the File menu.

on the online Jupyter Notebook, click “file-open”, and you can see the file.
tick it and click “download”, then you can download it to your own computer.

how do I import the file into my current Jupyter notebook session (the notebook with the actual lesson code)? Appreciate inputs. Thanks.

I got it. The below works.

import sys 
import os

import utils
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I encounter the same problem. I downloaded What next to run the python notebook locally on my laptop?

To the best of my understanding of what your query is, guess you need to execute the below too.

import utils

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press the “upload” button on your local jupyter notebook to upload the file of
then run the codes given by the video.

If you haven’t done, it’s worth taking a little time to understand the Python import mechanism. You will see that your approach satisfies one of several possible mechanisms for helping the loader find your module…

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