Is skipping course 3 and 4 a huge jump to start Course 5?

Hi all,
I am not sure if this is a right place to ask this question, but I appreciate any insights.
I am finishing up the course 2 today, and I was wondering if this is enough to jump onto course 5. I am interested in NLP application and my practical goals are to train NLP models through python packages such as spaCy and AllenNLP. My learning goals from this course are:

  • gain enough understanding to select appropriate neural net architecture for NLP tasks at hand.
  • learn enough basics to read some prior research (conference papers in NLP).
  • learn to implement transformer architecture, and
  • learn to implement fine tuning through existing packages such as spaCy and AllenNLP.

I think the course 1 and 2 covered enough basics of Deep Learning, and I wonder if I can jump right onto Course 5, which align more with my learning goals listed above. I appreciate any suggestions on this!

Course 5 moves very quickly, since the methods used there rely very heavily on TensorFlow techniques you learn in Course 4.

I do not recommend skipping Course 4, unless you have a lot of TensorFlow skills.

Thank you so much for your insights! I will follow your advise and learn the materials from Course 4 before moving on to Course 5!
Thank you again!