Issue with Programming Exercise

I am not able to save my code for the programming exercises. I am getting this message when I open the notebook.

Does refreshing your workspace help?

I’m just chiming in to share that I’m also seeing the same permission denied issue in W1A1

when renaming the original file, I’m seeing another permission denied issue.

Permission denied: W1A1/Building_a_Recurrent_Neural_Network_Step_byasd_Step.ipynb

I’m able to rename / delete the assignment file and get a new copy.
Please contact coursera help.

Hello @Kyusang_Song and @Abhishek_Sharma14!

Many students facing this issue, so we request you wait for a while. We informed the course staff to look into the issue as soon as possible.


Thank you! @saifkhanengr

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay.

Kindly try this:

  1. From the blank notebook, click File -> Open.
  2. Tick the running notebook.
  3. Click Shutdown then Duplicate.
  4. Rename the old notebook (any filename).
  5. Rename the duplicate with the original filename (basically, just remove the -Copy1 string).
  6. Open this newly renamed notebook.
  7. You should be able to save this and also see the submit button after a minute.

You “might see an error about checkpoints failing. I think that’s okay because that’s related to the permissions of the hidden .ipynb_checkpoints folder. That is not needed for grading as far as I know. The changes should persist in the actual notebook itself even if they see that error. I submitted the notebook and got the expected grade.”

@Kyusang_Song @Abhishek_Sharma14


To fix the Permission Denied error, please follow the instructions in pinned banner at the top of the thread.

I was away from my computer till now.
I just tried your instruction in all 3 programming assignments in course 5, but they all gave me a permission error.


Please let me know if I’m missing anything.
I followed your instruction precisely.

I also left a message with requested info in this thread.

This thread has the current method. It is not 100% effective for everyone.

@saifkhanengr ,
Getting the latest lab is fixing the permission issues for me now which wasn’t the case before.
I was able to submit my assignments and had it graded.
Thanks for your help.


cc: @Abhishek_Sharma14