It is NOT cool to remove AUDIT option

Why the audit option was removed from Coursera? I think it was distinctive - business model more important than learning community, Ng?


Hey @U_A,
Welcome to the community. The audit feature hasn’t been removed. If you check out a specialization, then you won’t get to see the option to audit, but if you check out any particular course on Coursera, then in the enrolment options, you will get to see an option to audit the course. If you are still unable to view the option to audit a course, then please contact Coursera community centre and they will help you out.


Hi Elemento,
Thanks for the warm welcome. Can you verify that it still exists?

I go to Course Page/Enrollment Options/Start for Free… and no small “Audit this course” anymore.

Hello @U_A,

If you check out this help page, it says

Not all courses offer an audit or full course, no certificate options. If you don’t see one of those options:

  • Consider a free trial instead, or applying for Financial Aid.
  • You may be on a Specialization description page. Only courses can offer the audit option. Try checking a course page for a course in the Specialization that you want to take.
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Thanks @rmwkwok,
I have been following DLS from and past 4 courses now, and wanted to audit the 5th course. Hence the FAQ states:

If you only want to read and view the course content, you can audit the course for free.

However the audit option was removed overnight with and update.


I am moving this thread to the DLS Course 5 category and let’s see if anyone is aware of this change.

Hey @U_A,
You may consider contacting the Coursera community help centre, since no such change has been made, and I can still see the option to audit the course.


Hi all,
It’s only for DLS C5, but I cannot audit any other course on Coursera.
Thanks @Elemento for verification. I have a very different UI:

I will try different browsers/accounts and reach out to Coursera. Thank you

Yes, please contact coursera if you need any help. Coursera manages your account, manages the access, and the platform.

Sure @U_A, as Raymond said the issue seems to be with your account. I checked out a couple of random courses on Coursera, and most of them seem to have the option to audit the course.


Doesn’t ‘audit’ mean you can see the videos but not the programming assignments? And aren’t the deeplearning videos all on youtube?

Eg. EDIT original link removed since it was to a bootleg. See below for a link to the Deep Learning corporate YouTub channel.

Probably I’m missing something

Hey @ai_curious,
I never knew that the course videos were available on Youtube. Irrespective of that, I still think that it’s better to audit a course rather than watching it on Youtube. First, the videos available on Youtube are not provided by Coursera officially, and hence, may be outdated. Second, if we audit a course on Coursera, it includes the additional notes, and for some courses, you can even do the assignments and quizzes while auditing. The only difference is you can’t submit the assignments if you are auditing a course. Third, you don’t have to bear the continuous annoying advertisements :joy:


@U_A, are you using the Coursera app?

The first link I posted was a bootleg so,I took it down. Sorry I was lazy and just posted the first link I found. But Deep Learning does have a channel on the tube. Doesn’t address the other points @Elemento mentions, such as notes and timely updates. But still, a LOT of information Prof Ng is giving away for free.

This I complete agree with, @ai_curious :blush:


I am on laptop and tried 3 different browsers. On the app, which I did not updtae on purpose, I still can audit courses access course content, however the same courses show up as “free trial” on laptop and only have access to firts two weeks.

I contacted Coursera support over a week ago, no response so far.


It seems like maybe you don’t have a valid subscription to the course.