Jupyter Notebook Toolbar Not Showing

I am working on the deep learning course and I opened Jupiter notebook outside of Coursera so I can try to write some of the code from scratch. I was messing with the color theme of Jupyter Notebook in my terminal and I accidentally removed the tool bar from showing. Whenever I hit toggle toolbar it does not appear so I think I might have accidentally

changed the css in my terminal. Does anyone know any commands or how I switch it back to default settings.

Hello @Stephano_Cotsoradis ,

Do you have this option in View menu? Try it and toggle toolbar will appear again:


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Hey @carlsaez I already tried that and it is unresponsive.

If you’ve created a custom CSS file to modify your Jupyter notebook theme, you can reset the theme to default by removing the custom CSS file. Here’s how to do it: Navigate to the location of your custom CSS file. Delete the custom CSS file and then restart the notebook server

Are there any commands in my terminal for my computer where I can just reset everything ? I tried to find the csv but I could not .

Although I don’t know any particular command, but I found this to locate custom css file

Once you locate the css file under custom folder, delete it and restart the notebook server.

Hope this is helpful!!


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Thank You I figured it out !

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Hi @Stephano_Cotsoradis

Are you using jupyter lab locally?