Lab and AWS are not starting

Lab is not starting or starting counting down the time. But the green button AWS never shows up. Button next to AWS is always red!

When I attempt to start the lab again. it says “account is still in clean up state”, but AWS is always red. How may I start the lab? Do I need to generate a separate AWS account?

Even i am facing the same issue

Even I face the same issue. When i click start lab, it says my AWS account got deactivated. I have submitted a form to look through this issue.


Yesterday it said its discontinued. Now the lab is not starting at all. Frustrating. Need 1 lab to complete this Course

I am facing the same issue, how to deal with the AWS red icon and “account is still in clean up state” issue?

Same issue. I first got Lab2 stuck with “account is still in the clean state” for some days. And now, my lab has become overdue, and “AWS account deactivated”. Very frustrated.

For Lab2, I am having same clean up state issue. Would you please fix it? Thanks

Is there anyone here to fix this issue? Thanks

it is been an hour, it says account is still in clean up and the AWS icon is red.Is there anyone to fix this issue please?

It is been more than 4 hours. it still is in clean up session and the red circle on AWS does not go away. Lab2!

does anyone know how to get in touch with helpdesk. it has been 5h that AWS is still in clean ip session and not working,.

Hi everyone! Sorry to hear about your trouble with the labs. You can fill put the form mentioned in item 8 of this FAQ. We will get back to you once your accounts are reactivated. Thank you!