Linear Algebra for Machine Learning prerequisites

To fully grasp the course content, what math topics should I already possess or be familiar with?

Hello @Omar_Agiez At the beginning of the specialization this what the instructor says
" we highly recommend that you are

familiar with solving a simple equation with

one unknown variable and that you know how to

construct simple plots in the coordinate system.

An example of an equation in one variable is say,

2x plus 7 equals 17.

From there, you can work out that 2x equals 10,

and therefore that x equals 5.

If you need to review some of

these concepts, don’t worry about it.

We have some recommendations in the resources section.

For example, you can check out Khan Academy’s course on

introduction to algebra and then come back and join us in this course."

Hope that helps!
Happy Learning

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I totally understood this equation and I think I know enough about the coordinate plane. I also checked out Khan Academy’s course on Introduction to Algebra, but I didn’t feel well acquainted with all the topics discussed.