Login Issues unable to enroll

Hello DLAI,

I can sign in with this account … but can not enroll in the course…


– Germán


Sorry to hear this. Have you tried going to out web page?

What is the issue you are encountering?

when I go to the enroll login page it is requesting an email.

when I enter the email… states that the account is not active… If I use the username it is throws an error invalid username

I am loggging into the “community” site with dlphsrle7 username…


Hi !

Please create your account first from the create account option and then try to login from the same credentials.

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Hello DLAI,

Ok thanks … this worked …however I now have two DLAI accounts

Not a big deal…

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You can use Google and/or Linkedin buttons to create the account right away. Or create it with your email clicking on the create account link on the bottom of the page.

Thanks… lets consider this now resolved