Maths Requirement

Hi everyone,

I am currenly enrolled in the Mathematics for Machine Learning and Data Science Specialization. I am finding it difficult to understand the maths. My final goal is to complete the Deep Learning, NLP and Medicine specializations (I have extensive programming experience).

My question is how much math is required to complete those courses? Will I be able to do those courses if I dont fully understanding the Mathematics course?


None of the information in the Math for Machine Learning course is required for any other course.

It’s primarily intended for the mathematically curious.

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Another question.
I have been developing custom software for the health industry (specially diagnostics).

  1. Is the course sufficient to advance my existing codebase to AI based?
  2. What is the correct order to take the specialization courses?


I haven’t taken any of the Medical courses, so have no opinion on those.

All of the Specializations contain general explanations of the algorithms they use. The algorithms themselves are generally provided in a library, so you don’t have to code them from scratch (other than some examples typically in the 1st week of a course).

So you really don’t need a separate math course unless you’re curious about the details. However the M4ML course uses different methods than any of the other DLAI courses, so its not greatly applicable.

For your stated interests, I recommend this sequence:

  • Machine Learning Specialization
  • Deep Learning Specialization
  • NLP Specialization (has some overlap with DLS in Course 5, but both are worth studying).

I’m not sure where to put the medical courses in that list.

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Thanks a lot.

I will take the courses in that order and
do the Medical specialization at the end.

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Hello @ashishsinha

What kind of specially diagnostic customer software you are talking about?

As far as I know this would include patient’s diagnostic area image, radiographic image might be used.

You would require an understanding probability and statistics which comes under mathematics for machine learning but this course is in literal sense maths focused. There are other course on Coursera which are focused on this more thoroughly.

Another thing related image detection, segmentation, bounding box, yolo, these all are covered in TensorFlow advanced technique specialisation and this is advanced specialisation usually if done after tensor flow develop professional. Next You will require to go Generative AI course which mostly covers the topic you are focusing.

Honestly my interest the same field you are focusing and I have covered most of the course, and the more I learn, I feel I need to know more. One needs to be thorough with LLMs or you can hire team based on your specific interests of work that needs to be done.

All and none still doing all these course will give better edge on understanding on creating the custom software you want to

You also haven’t mentioned your educational and experience detail, so we know how much of mining you will need it.


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