Missing github page for Lab C3_W3_Lab_2_damage_detection_CNN.ipynb

This link https://github.com/https-deeplearning-ai/ai-for-good-public/blob/main/Course3/W3/C3_W3_Lab_2_damage_detection_CNN.ipynb

Returns 404 Error

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Can I know where is the above link gathered from. It shows C3_ W3 but the week 3 doesn’t have any mentioned name. You weeks’ selection is 2 which again shows a different assignment header than the one C3 Week 2 shows?

Hi, I do not know why, but I can’t find the link, but it was part of the mentioned lab.

I am not able to give you more details, thank you for your help.


Alejandro Marquez

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Hi @Alejandro_Marquez,

I apologise for the confusion. There’s no GitHub provided by us for this course . What you are trying to access it our own private GitHub repo, which is not for public (even though the name says ai-for-good-public).

All of the course material is hosted on Coursera, from where you can access it.


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