Missing parentheses in interactive question inside video "Regularized linear regression"

In week 3 of ML course 1, there’s this video section named “Regularized linear regression”.
Inside, there is an interactive pop up question which states w_j = w_j 1−αλ/m - …
The parentheses around 1−αλ/m are missing.

Hello @haibrenner,

Thank you for reporting. Are we talking about this question, because I see the paraenthses above “NewPart”.

Screenshot from 2022-10-25 08-12-57
Screenshot from 2022-10-25 08-13-06

Maybe it wasn’t displayed correctly on your machine?



Yep. It’s this question. And now when I re-checked I see that even the squared parentheses do not show (both pairs).

Did some research now. Apparently the problem occurred to me in firefox but not in chrome. The problem seemed to be with rendering of the tex commands \left( \right) \left[ \right] .
Managed to solve it(!) by right clicking on the math part in firefox, then choosing Math Settings → Math Renderer → HTML-CSS (choosing SVG there also works, but choosing MathML caused the issue).

I do not know it MathML was indeed the default or I may have accidentally changed it in the far past. Nevertheless it is indeed a tex-math-rendering issue. And now a solution is found.

Thanks for letting me know that it rendered well on your machine. It lead the path for me to do this small research on my machine.

I bookmarked your post, and will share it when other learners have similar problem.