MLS and DLS Editions

I’ve heard that MLS and DLS were updated several times after release.
Can someone please help me with the dates/year of each edition for both MLS and DLS

They’ve both been continually updated and improved. I would not say there were specific major updates you’d call an edition.

MLS is a lot newer then DLS, but I don’t know the history of MLS as well as I do for DLS. As Tom says, they have been continually updated and improved. DLS was originally published in 2017 (C1 - C4) and early 2018 (C5). The biggest change I can recall to DLS was when they switched from TensorFlow v1 (no “eager” mode) to TF v2, which took place in April of 2021 and affected courses C2, C4 and C5.

Did some research on MLS. It was published somewhere around 2011-2012 i guess and it used to be a single course back then named “Machine Learning”. A completely new version was released in Jun 2022 with new name MLS (C1, C2) and July 2022 (C3).
Some extra/optional videos were added later in Dec 2022.

This MLS is missing SVM from the original course though, not sure why that decision was made to drop SVM

A lot happened in the world of Machine Learning between 2011 and 2022. Prof Ng created MLS as a new course reflecting the current SOTA circa 2022 that takes the place of the original Stanford Machine Learning course. His view of what are the most relevant topics to cover in an introductory ML “survey course” are subject to change over a period in which there was that much ferment.

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