Need help with w1 assignment (UNQ_C3)

hello everyone!
I’m a medical doctor who has graduated and finished medschool and internship year last month and want to know about ML application in medicine so I took this course and 1 other set of courses in this field and I have general knowledge about python but not in an expert level of course!

anyways during the assessment I face challenges with coding because I don’t have enough experience and no enough time as a medical doctor to practice a lot to gain it.

in this particular question I tried different ways but I keep getting this message: “Cannot convert a symbolic Tensor to a numpy array”

if anyone can explain the answer to me and how to work around it I would be grateful!

thanks in advance!
kind regards.

Can you show your code snippet? Tensors and arrays are not same. Converting one to another need some steps. You have done something that tries to convert tensors to arrays.

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