Not able to download helper sources

Hello I am not able to download the helpers sources.
I tried to follow the appendix instructions,

But in my jupiter I cannot see the option to browse the files, as here shown

Can you help me ? or sending me a link to some git repo where I can find the helpers sources ?


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Did you try opening the File menu? That might be the trick.

I have not attended this course myself, so that’s just a suggestion.

Hi @campa,

As Tom mentioned, try downloading whatever you need from the workspace of that notebook. You can access your workspace by clicking, Menu --> File --> Open.... when inside of the Jupyter notebook.



thank you for your answers.

In case I use the File->Open I can edit single files, but it seems still not possible to download all sources/files in one shot ( for example for working on tour local env/notebook).
I can download single file, but I have to open and download one file at a time. They are a lot.

I was looking to the option to open a terminal and create a tar.gz with all to download ì, but I am not able to see the option to open a terminal.

Any suggestions ?

Hi @campa,

Unfortunately, you have to download everything 1 by 1. There’s no way to download all of them at once.