Not able to find Note book

Hello everyone, I’m from Non-Technical background, and first time i’m using Coding, should i learn anything to start this course as a a beginner ?
And Two Time i had enter Shift+ control + R button but still the notebook is not coming

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Hello @vikas_ram!

The course is very well explained and guided in a relaxed manner. It’s true that having a foundation in Python programming and basic knowledge of Jupyter Notebook can facilitate the understanding of the presented content. However, even if you don’t have these skills, following the lessons and the course material can be highly beneficial in acquiring new tools to solve problems in your daily life.

I have also taken this course, and I can confidently say that it helped me a lot. I use the labs to enhance my study method and note-taking process. It’s an excellent way to apply theoretical knowledge in practical exercises.

In regards to the lab not opening, I have experienced this issue a few times, and refreshing the browser page resolved it.

I am having the same issue, however refreshing the page does not solve the problem. Is there any way the examples can be copy - pasted from somewhere else?

Regarding the loading error, inspecting the page show several errors trying to loading the resource.

Hey Bruno Thanks for Explaining!

So should i go for this course as a beginner or should i go to other course ?

@vikas_ram For a short-term course, it would be beneficial to complete it first and gain a general understanding of what it can offer. Then, if you enjoy it and find it useful, you can further specialize in Python and subsequently return to the course to enhance your understanding of the technical aspects.

Although I wasn’t originally from the field, I used to be a mathematics teacher at the elementary level. However, I have been studying Python extensively in recent years and highly recommend it to you as well.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact me.

Site is broken for me, I get complaints in the console about net::ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED

Ran fine before.