Printing the quiz result

How can i print / download the quiz results.
I have passed it and i would like to save the results for the future.

Unlike the regular labs which is a jupyter notebook which has
the file → download → pdf .

I don’t think you can download quizzes because they are quizzes, not lab files.

However, there will be a ‘view feedback’ option available once you have completed and submitted the quizzes.

HI @Zvi_Boiangou
Thq quiz is a web page and there is not a download button as you find in the notebooks. Anyway, you can select and copy /paste the web page content.
eep learning!


copy/ paste does not work properly and the page is distorted .
I am trying to CNTRL+P the ‘view feedback’ page .



Not sure. I don’t think you can.