Programming Assignment: Initialization - Submissions Disappearing

Whenever I submit my assignment it shows up under the “My submissions” section and then just disappears after 5 minutes or so.

I’ve tried this three times now.

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Please contact coursera help to resolve grader / platform issues.

Happening for me too. Seems there is some issue with the grader…

Does anybody have any tips on what can be done to get around this? I’ve tried looking at Coursera Help Center but I can’t find any way to actually send a help request. There’s just a database of FAQs and none of them seem to be helping my issue.

I know it’s not the fault of but it’s extremely frustrating.

It is also happening in my case. I have just reported the issue. I hope it can be solved soon…

Hi all,

This is a problem we are seeing across multiple specializations. Coursera has been informed about it. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.

Thank you for your patience,


For anyone following, I just tried submitting my assignment again and it was now successfully graded, so it seems Coursera has fixed the issue :raised_hands:


Thank you for letting us know!