Projects for Practicing What We've Learned So Far

I am looking for some projects to put what we’ve learned into practice by creating a project from scratch.

Are there any “beginner-friendly” projects where:

  1. You collect data yourself, and preprocess that data
  2. Build something useful and tangible out
  3. That is actually tangible for someone who has just completed this course.

If so, what would such projects be? :blush: And would there be anything specific that should be taken into consideration.

I am very open to ideas, I just want to learn!



Hi, @Streeiz!

I always recommend kaggle for its great variety of challenges and applicability to real world scenarios (specially the competitions).
Apart from that, a good application you can enjoy developing is a real-time object detector, like yolov5. You can even collect your own data, label it and fine tune the model with your specific training.


Alright man, that’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the recommendations!

I will get right to it :mechanical_arm:

Try the UCI Machine Learning Repository. They have hundreds of free data sets. Download a set and try to build a classifier from it. If it is a multi-class set, you can build the multi-class (softmax) classifier and also several binary classifiers.

If you have a data set of animal images, for example, you could build dog vs cat, dog vs horse, cat vs horse, dog vs not-dog, etc.

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Appreciate it, that’s a great resource!