Quiz 1 week 2, questions cant load or something

the quiz in week 2 doesn’t load well. I tried different browsers and no fixation. questions appear to me like this question :

“Suppose our input batch consists of 8 grayscale images, each of dimension 8x8. We reshape these images into feature column vectors $$\mathbf{x}^{j}$$. Remember that $$X = \begin{bmatrix} \mathbf{x}^{(1)} \mathbf{x}^{(2)} \cdots \mathbf{x}^{(8)} \end{bmatrix}$$. What is the dimension of $$X$$?”

I don’t know what to do

The parts that aren’t correctly rendering are “LaTeX” expressions, which should be handled by the MathJax plugin of the browser. Maybe you have disabled “plugins” in your browsers or at least MathJax. I don’t know whether that can be blocked by firewalls or proxy policies on your LAN.