Sarah from the USA: Transitioning to machine learning...would love any tips!


I’m 29 yo, and I went to graduate school for data science. I worked as a research editor for 3 years and then began to work on my company’s machine learning model as a language quality tester (not really working on the engineering side much at all). However, I’ve become very interested in the workings of the model & have started moving towards working more with the engineers. I really love the work, and a lot of my schooling in data science (especially the math) is really applicable. Thus, I’m working towards becoming an engineer, hopefully focused on areas of natural language processing. I already know Python and a few other languages. Currently doing the machine learning specialization on Coursera. If y’all have any tips, I would love to hear them!

After MLS, I recommend you take the Deep Learning Specialization, then take the NLP Specialization.