Seeking Help: Requesting a Functional Anaconda Environment (environment.yml) for Jupyter Notebook Visualization

Hello! :blush:

I’m currently facing issues with visualizing certain content in Jupyter notebooks. (Particularly “C1_W1_Lab03_Cost_function_Soln.ipynb”

If anyone could kindly assist me by sharing a functional Anaconda environment, I would greatly appreciate it. Specifically, I’m referring to the “environment.yml” file generated using the command “conda env export > environment.yml”.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Rodrigo Coimbra

On Coursera environment, you don’t need any thing extra to do. What issue you are facing.


I downloaded the files because I wanted to run them locally. I was having trouble reproducing the results in the Coursera environment.

I ran the code below to obtain the package versions and implemented it in a local conda environment on my PC. The YAML file for the environment is provided below.

It was although not fully functional. Some graphs could not be plotted (example: “C1_W1_Lab03_Cost_function_Soln” ###Larger Data Set)

import pkg_resources

installed_packages = []
for package in pkg_resources.working_set:
    installed_packages.append(f"- {package.key}={package.version}")

for package in installed_packages:

environment_coursera_supervised_ml.yaml (8.0 KB)

You may find this guide helpful for creating a virtual environment in your PC. And if you want to use Colab, read this guide.