[SOLVED] The course disappeared from my Coursera account - how and why?

Sorry, I know that this category is not related to the specialization but I couldn’t find any category that’s more relevant.

I was auditing all 3 of the courses in the specialization for free, and when i logged in to Coursera I didn’t see any of the courses in the “In Progress” section. The enrollment buttons on the pages of all 3 courses read “Enroll for Free” and not “Go to Course Home” or something like that. Worried that it could reset my progress, I didn’t click on that button.

One explanation that comes to my mind is that because I forgot to cancel auto renewal, about a month ago, a one-month subscription was withdrawn from my card. Maybe the reason why the specialization disappeared is because its 1-month paid period ended?

Is it OK to re-enroll and audit the course for free again? Any help appreciated!

Hi there, thank you for the question. It seems to be an issue with the Coursera platform and I believe this can be solved by contacting the Coursera team.

Thank you for your assistance, according to this support page that’s what happens when you cancel your subscription. I’ve enrolled again to audit the course for free and my progress wasn’t lost.