Submission issue of week 3 assignment

i have submitted the assignment of week 3 but its not appearing in submission area .it is still empty .moreover , i have opened the assignment multiple time but submission option is not available over there.i am facing this issue from past 2 days

Are you sure that you have not renamed the notebook and are working in a copy other than the one opened by “Work in Browser”? That can have the effect of not showing you the “Submit” button.

Other reasons can be that your generated output has made the notebook image too large. The grader does not need to see your output: it only needs to call your functions. So one easy thing to try is:

Kernel -> Restart and Clear Output
Submit Assignment

See if the “Clear Output” will get you the “Submit Assignment” button.

When you click “Submit”, you should see a “pop up” dialog box. Make sure to wait and see that it gives you the confirmation that the submission actually happened.

The other possibility here is that there is “bad weather in the Cloud”, meaning that the servers are having issues. In that case, all you can do is wait and try again every couple of hours.