The answer of my submission, I faied

The graders comment was:

Comment line with index: UNQ_C3 is duplicated.
I made a change to the comment. But, I still got the same reply. Why?

Hey @Stefan_Persson,

Try to refresh your enviroment and reset your notebook to default.
You can read this this

I did it. It is still the same.

Hey @Stefan_Persson,

So after restorying the default version have you scrolled to make sure there is no duplication first??

Hi Stefan!

You would have modified something that you are not supposed to. So, as @Jamal022 said, kindly start with a fresh copy of your notebook and copy-paste your original code only in the space where you are supposed to (within the “START CODE HERE” to “END CODE HERE”), because even after creating a fresh copy of your notebook, if you are still facing the same issue, then I think you are copy-pasting the entire cell, don’t do that (even modifying the commented cell token would cause problems).


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In addition to all the other great advice here, have you just tried searching the notebook for the string UNQ_C3? Do you find anything strange? There must be two occurrences of that string, which is why the grader is complaining.