The course cannot be automatically displayed after viewing

Help!:cry: Even though I finished watching the lesson, it didn’t show up automatically on the learning platform. I have tried to refresh the web page and re-watch it, but this problem still hasn’t been solved. I sincerely hope that some classmates and teachers can help me solve this problem! Thank you very much!

Which course are you attending? You have only posted in the “General Discussions” category.

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I am taking the course of neural network and deep learning, but I am not familiar with the use of this website. Could you please provide me with some help, such as graphic tutorials

Click on the “pencil” icon.
It will show a drop-down list of various forum areas.
Scroll down to the one for your course, and click on it.

Thank you very much​:ok_hand:I have modified the label! :slightly_smiling_face: But my problem is that as shown in the picture, the finished video does not show that it is finished. I also asked my classmates, they also encountered this problem in the process of learning, :cry:I wonder if it is due to the failure of the service system? I’m really worried about how this is going to affect my studies because I applied for the financial aid to take this course.

Hello @ZouXintong,

Does it look the same if you login Cousera from an incognito browser on your desktop/laptop, another browser on your desktop/laptop, or from your mobile phone?


Yes,the problem is the same. I have tried Google and Edge , and my classmates were watching on tablets :cry:

I see. Actually you don’t need those green check marks to pass the course. You only need to pass the graded quizzes and graded assignments to pass the course. However, if you want someone to look at your account, you might want to contact Cousera directly.

Watch each video to the end, and then click on the “Next” button. This should mark the video as Completed.

Do you mean “开始"or"下一个”? :blush: I’m sorry I couldn’t find the “Next” button :persevere:,and the “下一个” button can’t click(PS: I didn’t use any web translation function).

Thank you for your reply! :smiley:Do you mean that as long as I complete the test and homework, I can pass this course and it will not affect my application for financial aid for other courses? :thinking:As for the second suggestion, I’m sorry that I don’t know how to contact the person in charge of coursera :persevere:

Check this out for contact. The link brings you to Cousera’s Help Center, so you might also see also if your issue can be found there.

If you get a passing grade for each of the quizzes and assignments, then you can pass the course. For financial aid, it would be best to contact Cousera about it because they are responsible for approving your application, right?


Ok, I see :ok_hand:Thank you very much for your help! :heart:I just received the email that I have passed the course. So I guess this problem has been solved! :blush:

Congratulations on passing the course!