There are so many pop-up windows : "Submit this notebook for grade "

How to resolve this wrong display notes.These "Submit this notebook for grade " Button appear one by one by the time


Have you tried reloading?

Yes, I had tried reload. these happened in many assignment, I think there are some local environment problem

did you try to update or refresh your work environment?

Try to clear your caches and cookies
or use a different browser or a new browser window

but before that save a copy of your written code assignment notebook

Have you tried “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output”? If you have had the notebook open enough to have that many “submit” buttons, your memory image is probably pretty large, so doing that will make things run better as well. Definitely worth a try in addition to the other things that Saif and Deepti have suggested.

In terms of the suggestion to use a different browser, note that Chrome is probably the one that is best tested with the courses. I have occasionally seen a milder version of the same “extra button” problem you are seeing and I always use Chrome (on an M1 Mac), but it hasn’t happened to me in months at this point.

Thanks, I tried kernel restart, change browser and also reload, but all not works​:pensive:
I disable the Toggle Toolbar to make these disappear, but this method also disappear the Submit Assignment button with the blue background color, so I must turn on the Toggle Toolbar when I finish the assignment

Thanks,i tried clear your caches and cookies and use an another browser ,but not works
But how to update or refresh work environment?

Hey I just got one more idea. Click on the file where you will find all these notebook in a list form select all in the check box and then unselect only the required files for this assignment, and delete these notebook except one notebook.

here is a post link posted by @paulinpaloalto regarding getting a clean copy, updating and refreshing your work environment

I really hope it solves your problems. Otherwise let us know.
All the best!!!


I’m curious what browser you’re using.


  1. when open the File, there are just files only associate with this assignment,not including other files associate with other assignment

  2. And i tried to refresh my work environment, this problem also exist

  3. But there is one situation can work :Create new named file(keep the old), in the new named notebook, this problem disappear

Tiny by any chance are running this notebook on your local Jupyter notebook??

I use the Win OS, and test this problem among Edge, Chrome and Firefox, all browser have this problem

and how many times have run your notebook on these browsers??

I run my notebook in Chrome so many times, and test in Edge 2 times and 1 time in Firefox, but result is same

Do one think all the browser where you have run your notebook, delete browsing history completely in all of the browser. then delete your cache from your system. also delete any extra notebook is seen when you click the file section for this assignment. restart your system. see what happens.

you have created these multiple books by running your notebooks in various browser.

I really didn’t get why you used so many browser. you should have tried maximum of two browser. run few times, and if getting any issue, you should have asked.

I am still not understanding why you have had run your notebook so many times???

Ok, I will check with your method
Before i had this problem , i just run notebook only in chrome, but when i see this problem, i just find the solution for this problem and test in many browser and run many notebook parallel

you could have run the same saved copy of your notebook multiple times in any browser you were running, but you kept saving a copy every time you had run the notebook in different browser, so that is why got so many notebook for submission :slight_smile:

I also find that this problem not exist in every assignment, eg.i find this in assignment Convolution_model_Step_by_Step_v1 , but when i do the assignment Convolution_model_Application, everything is ok. this Scenario also appear in other weeks’ assignment

No one else has ever reported an issue like this, so I suspect the problem is something local to your computer, your internet setup (such as a VPN), or your internet provider (involving a regional firewall). Or it’s something procedural that you’re doing which we do not understand.

Please try another device and internet connection, if possible.

If the error isn’t causing problems with your assignment, you can just ignore it and carry on with your coding."

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