There is no “Submit Assignment” button in my notebook

If you have tried everything on the FAQ thread, the other possibility is that this is an IT problem either with your computer or on your LAN: some A/V or firewall or proxy may be blocking some of the accesses from the notebook. If you are working from an office or school network, you should try accessing the website from a public WiFi at a coffee shop or library or from home and see if that makes a difference. If you are already on a home network, then maybe try it from a different computer or a tablet and see if it’s the A/V software on your computer that is blocking you. It could also be that your browser either blocks plugins or you are missing some plugin. Please watch for error messages flashing by when you load the website or do some googling to find out how to check the error logs of whatever browser you are using. Or try a different browser. Ones that are known to work well with the DLAI courses are Chrome and FireFox. If none of the above helps, then another thing to try would be use a VPN if you have that available.

Of course note that it’s kind of hard for us to debug your IT problems for you. If you’re on a school or office network, you might want to try consulting with your local IT support staff (if you’re lucky enough that there is such a thing) or see if there’s a website on your LAN that talks about how to “white list” targets that may be blocked.