Transfer Learning with MobileNetV2: cannot upload my assignment correctly

Hi Folks, I finished my assignment and passed all tests. However, I cannot upload my assignment without getting 0/100 points. I have already tried to refresh the kernel, reboot the server, copy the notebook and fetch a new version of it, nothing works. When I try to fetch a fresh version of the notebook by using the top right help button my already filled version opens up again. What can I do to move on on my course? Thank you so much. Flaminia

Perhaps your code has an error that the unit tests did not catch.

Sorry for the belated answer. I have found that it’s a problem if I leave in the notebook any exploratory cell where I put “!” to simulate Linux environment (for example to explore a directory).
After removing those extra cells that I added everything is fine again.

Thanks for your report. The grader is easily confused if you add any cells.