Unable to see launch and top menu bar in sagemaker console

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I am learning the course ‘Introduction to LLMs and the generative AI project lifecycle’. Now I am in part ‘Introduction to AWS lab’,

my system is Mac. I am new to amazon aws sagemaker. I just open an new personal aws account in the related website and then I searched for Amazon SageMaker Studio and then created a new user profile as executor and a new domain and then I clicked on open studio but I can not see launcher button to use system terminal and also can not see the top menu bar that has file, kernel and other options. I appreciate if anyone has any idea that I did by mistake in the scenario to open sagemaker studio so now I am unable to see these options.

You have posted is the AI Projects area.

Instead I recommend you post in the forum area for your course.

See the Course Q&A topic, it has a forum for every course.