Ungraded Lab week 1 - starting Jupyter lab on Mac

The step #3 in the lab where you suppose to start the lab with the terminal command: Jupyter lab
This did not work for me. Had to use: python3 -m notebook

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the purpose of the ungraded lab is to experience the implementation of the client - server solution via the API, as long as you were able to make the experience that is good.

However if you can share some more details about the issue it can help solve it better.
did you install the requirements.txt list?
amongst the requirements there is “jupyterlab==3.0.5” which gives you the command line “jupyter lab” . Also to consider that if you installed the requirements under the virtual environment you should not forget to activate it before to launch the jupyter lab.
It works perfectly to me following the instructions (for linux without anaconda, and i use virtualenv).


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Hi, it is not a real problem. I can use the terminal command “python3 - notebook” and it will start the jupyter lab engine. And I manage to get the notebook up and running.

And this is on a macOS Mojave 10.14.6

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Did you by chance typed the “Jupyter lab” command with the first letter capitalized? Glad you got it working! :slight_smile: